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this is really hard to explain. but im really freaked out and want to know if anyone can help me out. first off, the right tube a little larger than my left one, and can kinda be comapared to a vein. secondly, at the area where the tube connects to the testical, all the way to the other end of the testical, there is like a big fleshy "bag". to help image what i mean, it feels like half of my testical got squashed and is hanging on to the other half of it. all of that is squish. and at the very top of my testical, there is this lump, which my other testical does have, but the one on my right testical is sore. any ideas what is going on here? i am 16 and have not been sexually active, so i am pretty sure it is not an STD


Well, neither of STD would make your testicles appear like you described it.
By your description, I would say that you could have developed varicocele and that your testicle had shrunk a little bit. Varicoceles are dilated veins from back-up blood. When enough blood is not reaching the testicles, they may shrink.

But the thing is that varicocele, by a rule, form on left testicles because left testicles have more work to do than the right ones. They are under more pressure, more blood passes on that side and varicocele usually form on the left.

Now, as for the lump on top of the testicle… could be either an anatomical lump or a cyst that formed on testicular tube. These cysts may appear on epididymis (the tube) but they rarely hurt. Sometimes, if they become very big they may become tender to the touch or cloths irritation.

I would advise you to have this checked. Any testicular irregularities are supposed to be checked.