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Hi, I lost my left testicle when I was 18 & from since then things have taken a turn for the worst I have suffered psychologically & immotionally with depression,insomnia with the biggest knock being to my libido & self image I'm no longer the social outgoing person i used to be, now I know for a fact that it's my testosterone that has been impacted,but I did the T test & found out my level is 535ng/dl which my doctor says is normal but I still have the same symptoms I've even contemplated taking synthetic testosterone but refused when I saw the negative side effects which include atrophy,one testicle is not the same as two & no doctor can convince me otherwise I've even tried the natural T boosters like tonkat ali & tribulus terrestris but to no avail which only leaves a testicular transplant for the testosterone level I know for a fact that they were done back in the 40's & 60's successfully but the practise was ousted due to the invention of synthetic T which can do more harm than good & I know for a fact that individuals that have experienced this traumatic situation would jump at the opportunity of regaining their former selfs,I do not expect people on the outside looking in to contemplate where I'm coming from because only who feels it knows it,why is this not being considered more for natural testosterone boosting?


I know you said that no doctor can convince you otherwise, but your testosterone level is at the high side of the normal range and is therefore proof that one testicle is as good as one - at least from the point of view of testosterone production.

If you take supplementary synthetic testosterone it will simply shut off your body's own natural production and you will end up back where you started withion a few weeks

Transplantation of testes (or pieces of testes) was certainly popular for the first half of the 20th century - it was particularly popular with the doctors who made fortunes out of it. It was abandoned because advancing medical science showed that, without antirejection drugs, the testicular tissue was simply broken down by the body so after a few weeks the testosterone levels fell right back again. Turns out it was simply a placebo treatment that exploited vulnerable men. In case you're wondering, they didn't transplant whole testes into the scrotum, they inserted them (or mashed up extracts) into the abdominal cavity, so that no-one knew whether they were working or not. If they had been put in the scrotum it would have been obvious within a few weeks that they were breaking down and being absorbed by the body.

It seems to me from what you say, that your problems stem from the loss of the testicle, not from loss of testosterone. No type of drug (or transplant) therapy is going to help you get over that trauma - it needs to be addressed in the same way that women who lose a breast are treated - by support, counselling and psychological therapies. I know you won't like this, but you are not going to make the trauma go away with extra testosterone, however you get it into your body.