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I've been reading up on testicular abnormalities as I have found a kind of flat lump, like the shape of a thum tac: around 2cm in circumferance (half inch) on the BOTTOM of my left testicle (which is bigger then the right naturally). It is inside of it as are all my "concearns".

However, it's fairly SOFT and SQUIISHY (I did the examaning procedures) when touched and seems to receed into the testicle when pressure is put on it. I also have noticed that my left testicle is bigger in mass then my right, aswell as small squishy bumps felt through my skin on the inside left part of my left testicle (not to be confused with hair folicles). Anyhow, I just want to know if I might be confusing the textures with any other part of the testicle. I compared my left to right and the left is naturally ALOT bigger, so it's hard to tell if that squishy tac sized lump is prsent in my right testicle. When I was young I did have pain in my testes but after going to the hospital for examination it went away in 3 days.

A distant relative of mine was diagnosed with T.C., probably 4th or 5th cousin. I'm wondering if this would be enough of a relation to imply a higher risk of getting T.C. I've done the math, I'm going to a walk in clinic tomorrow after school (high school) I'm 17. Hopefully it's nothing, but if anyone had any similar symptoms, It would be great if you posted.



Hello! It is really hard to day anything since we can’t see or feel your lumps, bumps and the swelling. It was a smart decision to see a doc. That is the best way to put your mind at ease although I think all the things you felt and saw are harmless. However, it is always better to be cautious.
I’ll start from the beginning explaining what I think it could be.

The first lump you felt that is receding upon touching is probably just a normal testicular anatomy. I suppose you know what epididymis is since you did the testing. This tube that lies on the testicle and serves to store sperm is naturally lumpy and these lumpy can be felt sometimes. If the lump is part of the scrotum not testicle, then it could be some sort of cyst.

Like you have already said, one testicle is always naturally bigger than the other but every suspected swelling should be checked anyway.

The small bumps you felt are most likely sebaceous cysts and also considered normal. They are not harmful and are similar to pimples. They represent accumulation of sebum, oily substance that is secreted onto the skin surface to lubricate. There are plenty sweat glands on scrotum and when their ducts block, sebum cannot get out and these small cysts form that may resemble pimple or may be more under the skin.

I reckon that 4th, 5th cousin is like you said….distant, but I do understand your concerns. We all have them! I hope everything works out well.