Hello, i am a 17 yr old virgin, and recently over the course of 3 days so far, at times I can feel slight pain on my left testicle.
I am sure i have received no forceful blows to my scrotum.
The 1st day i felt the pain it was not bad, it was if i happened to shift some pressure on the testes it would hurt just a bit.
Now the 2nd to today its still about the same although now it will start to hurt for maybe 5 mins at random times.
This is what I have noticed or inferred so far:
~Pain in my left testicle if i apply force or move quicky. (such as running and maybe sometimes a cough.)
~The pain itself is at the top of the testicle, like if i were to touch it it stings but any other part of it feels fine
~No swelling has occurred
~No discolouration
~No pain while peeing or ejaculating
~I can't feel any abnormal lumps
~I dont think anything has shrunk, as my left has always usually been the one that hangs lower
~Havent felt any pain that would make me want to throw up / feel nausea.
~Also, the pain is not excruciating to the point where i cannot focus, i would say mild - moderate.
I have been reading about numerous symptoms and I cant really get an accurate guess at what i have.
I'm scared its testicular torsion or testicular cancer. And if it was testicular torsion... well by now my nut is probably dead (hopefully not.)
A last question, is there a way to check if your... testicle is dead without having to go to a doctor?
I plan on seeing one 2morrow or the day after that, and i am verily afraid of what the outcome will be.
Could someone please give their opinion on this matter? Thanks in advance.