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Hello. I wanted to ask if there is anyone here who have used Nygenix testosterone booster. What are your experiences regarding it? Are they positive?

My brother wants to try it even though I am trying to convince him not to. I don’t like testosterone boosters and I don’t think that they are safe at all.

But he is persistent in telling me that this one is different, it is completely safe and it even has some health benefits.

Do you happen to know what health benefits can this product have? And does it have any health benefits at all? Thank you.


Hi Julietteee. Why are you against testosterone boosters? I don’t know about the others, but Nugenix testosterone booster is great. There are many health benefits of it.

First of all, it makes man a man if you know what I mean. It is a powerful hormone that makes men’s body to look muscular and it provides us more muscular appearance.

The main benefit of it is improved sexual performance (in other words, it improves sex life). So if somebody is having problems with his sex drive, Nugenix will fix that. It enhances our sexual stamina and sexual performance and that affects us mentally. 



Hi Master 22. Thank you for your reply.

Well, I don’t really know a lot about it, but from what I hear testosterone boosters are not healthy. I am not specifically talking about Nugenix, but testosterone boosters in general.

I read so many articles and interviews with doctors and specialists who consider that no men should be using this type of products. Apparently it affects body’s  natural ability to produce this hormone.

I am familiar with all these benefits of Nugenix you mentioned. Are there any other, less known benefits of it? Or is it just improved sexual performance and muscles? 



You’re welcome.

Well these benefits are the ones that men are most interested in. Muscle mass and improved sex performance. 

There are some other benefits but I don’t think that Nugenix is so popular because of them. 

There is overall well-being. It also increases energy, which is important for people who work out a lot. It enhances their body structure too. It helps them to lose body fat while increasing muscle mass. 

And also I’ve heard that this product might reduces the signs of aging. I guess it has something to with high level of testosterone in the body which prevents aging.