A second opinion is not so concerned about taking the treatment. If there is indeed the case, then it is a reference. The caregiver may be a GP, company doctor or specialist, but it can also involve other health care provider, such as a dentist or a physiotherapist.

The health care provider may refer for a second opinion to a colleague yourself, but you may also choose someone yourself. When arranging a second opinion it is important to know what conditions you set health insurance. If the doctor refers you to a colleague is reimbursed under the basic coverage of health insurance is usually not a problem.
Simply take a second opinion, it may be that it is not compensated, or only partially. It depends on the rules of your health care and any additional coverages.

If the possibility of a second opinion is not or difficult to discuss with your healthcare provider, you can also ask your doctor you to another health care provider to refer, the doctor may prescribe a second opinion only refuse if he has compelling reasons, such as a patient constantly requesting second opinions without good reasons.

You should always inform your health care provider of your desire to have a second opinion request. He will be the other caregiver must provide your care record. In some cases it may also control the information the doctor. Based on these data, the second caregiver can determine a first position, but mostly new studies will be conducted with you.