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If you've been diagnosed with a pinguecula, you might want to get a second opinion.

I was diagnosed 19 months ago with a pinguecula. My bump was white, and I thought I was just lucky. After not being able to wear contacts for so long, I recently went to a different ophthalmologist who performs Lasik to see if Lasik would be possible despite the pinguecula.

The second ophthalmologist said the bump was a cyst that could be easily excised. It was not a pinguecula. (The first ophthalm had actually mis-diagnosed me twice, as I went back after the first diagnosis.) I went to a third ophthalm for a third opinion. She confirmed the cyst diagnosis.

The cyst has been excised, the bump and uncomfortable rubbing sensation are gone, and I'm back in my contacts. My 19 months of nonsense are over.

Please get a second opinion. I wish you luck!


Wow! I'm so glad to hear it turned out to be a cyst instead of something more serious. I always tell people on here to get a second opinion if they're not happy with the first diagnosis. Thank you for your story. Have you spoken to the original ophthamalogist who made the misdiagnosis?



I haven't spoken to the original opthalm since the misdiagnosis. I don't really know how to handle it except to move on. He wasn't exactly fresh out of residency, so the misdiagnosis was a surprise. The cyst was in the typical ping location, so another opthalm theorized that may have been the reason for the misdiagnosis, although I could tell she was trying to be generous to a colleague.

Frankly, this experience has made me feel like I should go to two doctors whenever I have anything now.

I would certainly encourage anyone with a pinguecula diagnosis to see another opthalmologist!