As a caregiver, I have came to realize that you really need to take some medical courses in order to effectively care for and advocate for your patient. One trip to the hospital and not doing your research on medications could cost you your patient. I have been a caregiver for my mother for many years. She suffered a stroke in 1997 and I not stayed by her bedside her eyes would have closed, I would have not known why.  Living in the hospital and the nursing facilities is a different community. Dealing with the sick and shut in and bedridden people can be very sad. Yet, the sadness part to it all is how the patients are administered pain medication that alters their thinking ability. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and once an individual can't independently think for his or herself it becomes quite depressing.

I could write a book about what I have observed in the hospitals concerning the care of my mother but the one thing I would like to express is that be careful and concerned about the medications that are placed in their system. Yes we understand that life is not forever. But if the parent can talk and smile understand who you are and let you know their wishes they deserve to have a quality life. Perhaps they may not be able to walk due to medical and physical reasons but if they are able to still look you in your eyes and reach their hands out to you, then that's more than anything.

In today's society there are so many who don't have the time to deal with their aging parents. After 1 week of visitation the family makes a decision to place their love one in a home. Some don't have anyone to come by to visit or to help advocate for them. These are the people who I am concern with. My mother has been blessed to have me. Because I have decided that all I need is an insurance policy to cover me to leave my daughter and granddaughter an inheritance and the bare necessities of life, I would rather have and spend the last and most precious days in the eyes of my mother then to make money and be sad when she departs. Family think about it. There has to be someone in the family who can take out time in their schedule to care for the aging.