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I would like to know what types of health insurances are there and what covers what. I only know that they are classified as health insurance which is Private (non-government) coverage and Government-sponsored coverage. I am 24 years old, male. I just got a job so I have to take care of this. I appreciate any help.


Ok. There is Private health insurance, it is coverage by a health plan provided through an employer or union or purchased by an individual from a private health insurance company. Another option is Employment-based health insurance, it is coverage offered through one’s own employment or a relative’s. Then Direct-purchase health insurance, it is coverage though a plan purchased by an individual from a private company. Different government insurances like Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Try to consult someone from insurance company about this.


I recently checked out some quotes ***advertising and web addresses not allowed*** they have a couple of known companies here. so it's cool. anyways, what insurance do you actually need? is it for your car or just a health insurance? here's a view wth health and car.

1. Fee-for-Service
These plans generally assume that the medical professional will be paid a fee for each service provided to the patient. Patients are seen by a doctor of their choice and the claim is filed by either the medical provider or the patient.

2. Managed Care
More than half of all Americans have some kind of managed-care plan. Various plans work differently and can include: health maintenance organizations (HM0s), preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and point-of-service (POS) plans. These plans provide comprehensive health services to their members and offer financial incentives to patients who use the providers in the plan.

for cars:
Age is a major consideration. Old vehicles pay a higher premium than new ones. The type and model of the vehicle has a major role also. When buying car/auto insurance online, there are sites that provide automated tools. They’re using an auto coverage analyzer where you have to answer a few question about your financial standing, automobile condition, etc. From this information it will generate what category of coverage you need.

hope this helps. goodluck.