The Depo Preva shot has left me with lifelong health problems. At 19 I started taking the shot after I was diagnosed with endometriosis. My doctor told me that it was the only thing I could take if I wanted to have children one day. So like most of us I lissened to what he said, and had the shot every three months from 2000-2009. For nine years not one doctor told me how this shot was slowly leaching calcium from my bones. Now at age 32 I have osteoporosis, which has caused major dental problems, multiple issues with my spine and chronic pain in my back that ratiates though my legs. I was able to have one child after coming off of the shot, but will never be able to have more. I have a difficult time taking care of my daughter and cannot physically do many of the everyday activities. There is nothing worse than having your daughter want you to play with her on the floor and not to be able to. I use to be a very active person, who loved to be outdoors. Now I wish I could run, ride a roller coaster, go horseback riding, rock climbing, you name it I loved it. It is one of the most difficult thing to live with that at such a young age all of these things I can never do again. I want to warn anyone who is thinking about taking this drug or may be on it. Please look into other forms of birth control.