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hi experts
how u doing .iam taruna and iam married 4 years and ihave 16 months daughter .and now iam pregnant again 3weeks .but iam not ready idon't want second child now .
iallways have periods problem every month come late .wht u will suggest me . hope u reply me asoon as possible thank u soo much .
thanks sincerly



My husband and I are looking to adopt a child. If you are serious about not wanting to keep the baby, please contact me @ _[removed]_. We are looking to adopt a baby and give it a loving home!

Hope to hear from you soon

Amber Gallo


The love you have for your daughter will be the same love for another. I had my first child november 2006, my pregnancy went very well besides the major mood swings and emotional roller coaster ride it takes you on. Well during labor I was induced and a few minutes after being induced my heart rate shot up to 198 bpm and blood pressure went up. I knew I was going to die. But doc gave me medicine everything subsided and I lived. Come to find out I had a panic attack. Well during that labor my epidural did not work either so I suffered for 8 hours straight and had my amazing daughter whom is 5 years old now and i love more than words can express. Well 2 months after delivering her I was fine did not have any other problems and then found out I was pregnant again. I was so overwhelmed since I had a 2 month old and from how my labor went. Well I was scared to death. I started having real bad anxiety/ multiple panic attacks daily. I felt like I was not ready to have another one but I did not want to kill it and even worse what if I died in the process of having my child killed. So that thought left my mind but I suffered everyday throughout my entire pregnancy. Things had gotten better towards the end since I learned that I was not the only one out there suffering from what i was suffering from. So by then I felt much better but continued to have panic attacks and anxiety. Well I had my little boy October 19, 2007. He is now 4. Within the last years I overcome most all my anxiety and rarely ever have a panic attack all on my own with no meds. I was determined to overcome. Looking back thats been close to 5 years now. Time does pass rather quickly and moments pass too. I guess what im trying to say is I dealt with so much during my pregnancy and felt like I would die each day but never did. I become stronger from all I went through and had 2 amazing kids whom I do everything to protect. I love them so much they are my life, I can think of something happening to them and it brings tears to my eyes. That little life inside you will be your heart one day. God has a reason for everything. Whatever decision you make think very hard about it b/c 5 years will pass you by and you will have you an amazing 5 year old and a 6 year old who will get along most the time and play so well together since so close in age or you will just have an amazing 6 year old. Your choice your decision but its one to think long and hard about.