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Well if anyone had an answer I'm sure they'd share. There are definitely a lot of similarities in everyone's stories though.
I am 28/5'10"/170-175lbs

Started suddenly at ~25 when I noticed I could not do dips without severe pain.
I was pressing heavy weights at the time - up to 220lbs to start.

I also had a desk job that required a lot of moving and walking around at the time meaning I never sat still for too long.
This was helpful because I have terrible posture.
Soon I gained more responsibility and sat at the desk longer and longer and worked out much less. This is when the pain increased noticably.

At this point it is manageable as I only need to crack it maybe 2-5 times a day.
I don't know how to organize the following info so I'm just going to start listing some observations:

- I notice it is worse when I slouch for long periods of time. My couch cusions have flattened out a lot causing a natural slouch position sitting in front of the TV as well.
- I sleep on my side and find that this worsens things as my shoulders feel like they are pressing towards each other.
- I find it easier to crack my sternum again from a different angle immediately after the first crack.
- I see a darker spot in the middle of my chest right about where the pain is. I still need to get it checked out.
- My chest appears less developed the closer you get to the middle. Maybe even a little sunken.
- I tend to hold my breath for heavy lifting so as to not make noise. This seems to worsen things and I've started to change this and develop a better breathing pattern.
- Working on chest muscles at the gym seem to relieve and then bring the pain back the following few days.
- I mentioned the pain to my doctor before when it wasn't cracking yet and he was not concerned at all as I thought it might have been a heart problem in its early stages. He advised stretching as he thought it was a muscular pain.
- Sometimes the pressure causes trouble breathing and seems to affect my heartrate.
- If I hold my breath, stand still and punch straight out alternating left-right repeatedly, I notice air being exhausted from my mouth presumably from the pressure exerted on my chest/lungs.
- I typically crack my sternum laying on my side and arching back with arms stretched upwards, or in the car holding the steering wheel and stretching to check my blind spot.
- Glucosamine/Chondroitine suppliments seemed to help very marginally, probably no better than placebo.

I have yet to try any anti-inflammitory drugs but I'll ask my doc next time. Hopefully someone figures this out soon.


Hi honey! I have 2 thoughts, but my 1st is a Pectus Deformity, below is a list of symptoms

The next is scoliosis - which I don't think it is it, but I thought I would put this up anyway!

Just know that when you hear a crack sound this is scar tissue breaking away, even though it feels good = as your body feels out of whack, it is a BAD thing to do for your poor joints.

See what you think! And if I were you I would have your doctor send you to a Rheumatologist! just incase you have Arthritis of your Sternum! Good luck and health, and please let me know how you make out! Good luck and health!