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I have scoliosis, It developed when I was 13 and I had my operation in May 2010. It's been nearly a year now and I'm still getting severe pain :-( does anyone know how long this will last for? I'm not able to do sports at school etc .. I think I have to start doing it again soon though %-) does anyone know any good sports to help my spine? Or should I take more time out to be safe? I took 5 months off school too. I get pain in my lower back and hips all of the time, but recently I've been getting really bad pain in the middle of my back and shoulder and sometimes chest, it feels as if I have to crack something in my back, I crack my neck all the time too and I feel like the screws moving, is this dangerous? 8-| My whole body has changed since the operation, my legs look totally different and they slightly bend inwards the hurt all the time too, my shoulders are uneven still :-( Oh and I have places on my back which are still numb from the operation and so is the right side of my chest, does anyone know how long this will last for? I'm so so worried about my future, and the pain I will have to go through :-( especially after reading all this scary stuff on the internet, but yeah will someone please let me know? Thankyous xxxx


I also have scoliosis I had my operation in 1997, I had a similar curvature and I am now 28. the pain in your back is different for everyone but you will probably have some amount of pain in your back from time to time for the rest of your life, but there are ways to ease it, Walking and swimming are by far the best forms of activity to stretch all of your spine out safely with out injuring or jarring anything.
As far as appearance and posture go you have probably got one hip slightly higher than the other and possibly one side of your ribs is closer to your hip bone than normal so your body is adjusting still, and you like me, had your operation before you finished growing so your body is still sorting it self out- the pain will get better in your legs and hips,but from time to time you will ache.

The numbness is very normal I started to get feeling back on the right side of my chest about 4 years after surgery and did not get a sensation on my spine till about 8 years later, I still have a small area on my back between my spine and right shoulder blade that is numb-  we have had a major operation that realigns your whole spine and posture as best as it can be done, and it takes time for your body to adapt, but it will and I find if I sit too long in one position (especially after doing a lot of exercise then just sitting with out warming down) I get very stiff, but you learn to manage it, and you will have good days and bad days, but its mind over matter really, you will get better you will also ache, but don't let it stop you from doing what you want to do!

Take care hope this helped

A x