Hello. For the past few months, I have been getting sharp pains on my sternum, especially right on top of my sternum (on that small round bone that slightly sticks out of your chest). Over the years, I have gotten at least twice a week a pain on the left side of my neck. It sometimes drapes down to my left arm. Also, I gotten numerous pains right on my vocal box as well.

Not sure if these are related and or separate issues that I should have checked out separately. My doctor is reluctant to send me to a heart specialist for further testing. My worst case fear scenario is thinking I have a blocked artery that is in my neck and I will eventually get a blood clot or a heart attack.

In the past, doctors have chalked it up to anxiety, my migraine headaches, back problems due to my desk job, etc.

Has anyone else felt any of these symptoms and do you have any advice? I am 35, petite, stay in moderate shape, jog a few 5k's a year and my blood pressure is always fantastic (ex: 90 over 70)