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I do competitive cheer, im really fit, but i think all of the bending in weird ways and everything else takes a real toll on my body. My sternum cracks all the time now. My chest will feel stiff and i go to stretch it and it cracks, like its normal to crack there. I think it might be because of tumbling, but i dont know if this is bad or ..? Please help


Hi there. It happens to you because you are probably dealing with cracked sternum that never was healed before. Probably you haven't consulted your doctor about this issue, which is really bad. As soon as you saw that this cracks while you are exercising or stretching won't go away, that should be a sign that something is wrong with your body. That is not normal.

Maybe you did something that hurt your chests while you were exercising and you are dealing with it still. 

My advice is to visit a doctor, an orthopedist and let him do this x - ray test. 

Good luck.