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How can you treat hair loss because of thyroid problems?



Hair is often used as a marker of overall health.  The cells that grow hair are some of the fastest growing in the body.  If for some reason your system is having problems, hair cells tend to shut down to provide nutrients and energy elsewhere.  There are many reasons for this to happen including hormonal changes, vitamin deficiencies and overall poor diet.  Any medications your taking or surgeries as well as thyroid disease including hyper and hypo thyroidism.   You may be experiencing large amounts of hair fallout in you brush/comb or when you take a shower.  Quite often the hair can become dry and coarse.  I can't tell you a home remedy for this because this can be serious.  You need to talk to your doctor about this before you go on to try and experiment with supplements and foods.  A dietician or homeopathist may be your best bet if you can afford.  Just be careful, you could make the situation worse.  If you have a dietary problem and you start eating properly, the problem may clear itself.