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I am 23 years old and a female. Exessive use of hair gel caused hair loss by me. I have made all medical test and everything is ok. What should I put on my scalp to regrow my hair. Please help me I have lost 90 % of my hair.


Melis - is your hair breaking off or literally coming out by the roots?  I would first see a dermatologist and if no answers, an internest.  If falling out by the roots, could be a nutritional or dietary deficiency.  Hopefully you have regrowth coming in.  If breakage, I would  get a fairly short haircut and suspend all coloring, perming, straightening, curling irons, etc.  Wash gently, rinse thoroughly and use a conditioner called Infusium 23.  It is a leave in, is clear, no buildup and lets you comb hair with no tension or tangling.  Wishing you all the best.

My hairloss is from the root, and is triggered by nuclear stress tests (they inject irradiated dye into veins) this is my third go-round in five years.  Each time, the hairloss has been approximately 25% overall and does grow back but each time, it is thinner than it was before.  I am 67 and know that womens hair does thin with age but this time it is starting to worry me - I am as gentle as possible shampooing and styling but it is coming out by handfuls.  Has anyone else had this problem after tests of this nature? I have read that sometimes the hair shaft is retained after the strand has died and then will come out in alarming quantities.  I am taking various supplements as well as a multivitamin and a specific nutrient from GNC for hair and nails.   Any suggestions, please?  Thank you, Sadah aka misbehavin