My thyroid never has bothered me. Until 2002. In 2002, during my
annual exam, a nodule was felt on my neck. I went to an
endocrinologist (in Sacramento, CA) and after an ultrasound they saw
my gland was enlarged, the right lobe 5.7cm by 1.9 cm and left lobe
5.1cm by 1.2cm. It is completely nodular. Fast forward to 2007,
ultrasound showed 7.0cm by 2.2 on right side and 5.6cm by 1.4cm on the
left. All this time my thyroid levels were normal. I am now on
Synthroid and am feeling like hell. I started in July at 100mcg, was
shaky, insomnia etc and over a month I became low on TSH, and was
hyper. Now, I am at 88mcg and still having trouble. The second
ultrasound was one month after I started the medicine.
I cannot get anyone to explain to me why I felt fine, even with a
large, nodular gland and normal levels, and now that I am on the meds,
why I feel terrible and am hyper. I am due to see an endocrinologist
in November. But I just don't understand how the gland can grow and
person's levels be so normal when they get blood work done.