I was recently diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer after having a biopsy performed on a goiter that was only 1.4cm found on an ultrasound. My endocrinologist felt the nodule on exam when I was in for my consultation for gestational diabetes. I was pregnant with twins and had I not had gestational diabetes I would never have known I had this goiter, or the smaller goiters later found on the opposite side of my thyroid.

I had my surgery consultation yesterday 5-13-13 with Dr. Michael Tsinberg at St. Jude Heritage in Fullerton, California- after discussing the total Thyroidectomy and removal of masses he performed an ultrasound viewing my thyroid and lymph nodes, at which time he noted a suspicious lymph node that looked calcified. The surgery postponed while I have another biopsy- this time of a lymph node... Scheduled for biopsy this Friday 5-17-13, I am very nervous, as my first biopsy was torturous and painful.

When I was four years old I had a goiter or benign mass removed, yet now I am wondering if the doctor's 26 years ago missed something, as now my cancer may have spread to my lymph nodes, and once we determine if that is the case I am hoping that it hasn't spread past the lymph nodes, as this could have been festering or spreading for at least 26 years!

I hope that you who are reading can give comments and understanding, maybe experience with your history with Thyroid Cancer and progress, or digress. Any information is extremely appreciated and welcomed. Thank you all for reading.