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Hello ,

I’m female, 52 years old and since I’ve been experiencing extreme tiredness, hot/ cold flashes and even pretty heavy mood swings, my doctor had me do a blood test to check my thyroid levels and the results came normal. However, what I thought was just a swollen lymph node left after the tooth infection I had recently, turned out to be 4 cm nodule on the thyroid gland. I've seen an endocrinologist since then and had FNA biopsy done to see if the cyst is benign or tumorous, but I have 10 more days before I get the results.

Based on the size of the cyst, my endo doc told me that it probably would be the best if I had it removed, but waiting for the biopsy results is even worse. Can this be cancerous even if my thyroid hormones levels are normal?


I am betting that the nodule is benign, meaning it is non-cancerous.  Usually if there is cancer in the body, it would show up in blood work studies.  Also if it was cancerous and on the thyroid, the blood work results would have shown the thyroid hormones to be out of range.  It sounds like maybe you had an infection that travelled from the tooth to a lymph node.  Lymph nodes are our bodies' defense against infection so this little lymph node took the hit and became swollen because of it.  Don't worry too much about the test results.  It is highly probable that it will come back ok.