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Hi all,

I noticed a few days ago a small cluster of tiny whitish bumps on the left side of my tongue. They are raised very very slightly and do not really hurt. They could have been there for a while now, but I noticed them only a few days ago.

Here is some of my health background and what I think may be have caused it, but I am here because I am concerned about my health and would like to know what I can do about it:

- I am 27 years old, overall good health and have an average typical diet.
- I have been taking claritin for seasonal allergies for the past 3 months
- I just got over bronchitis about a month ago and was on antibiotics to start, then on an oral inhaler (asminex) and two other medications that I cannot remember the names for (one was for acid reflux and the other was to help me sleep). I was on these meds for one month and stopped using them about one month ago.
- I was a light smoker (maybe 4 to 5 a day) and quit 3 months ago and have been 100% smoke free since.
- I have excellent oral hygiene and have only had one cavity my entire life.

I am thinking that the medications that I was taking had something to do with it? I was reading online that antibiotics could cause "oral thrush". Also, I wake up with a dry mouth sometimes and that can be cause for a viral or bacterial infection?

Thanks for taking the time to look at my post and I appreciate any input or opinions.


Hi there, I'm not sure what this could possibly be although I am not entirely convinced that it isn't just a normal cold sore or something like that, which can actually appear on your tongue though. I think we can rule out thrush because that tends to discolor the tongue and causes your breath to smell bad as well. Please keep us posted if you decide to see a doctor, which I would recommend!