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I noticed about a month ago i had 4-5 bumps at the back of my tongue. A week later there were little red ones all over. I dont know where they came from or why there there. Help?



Hello there! How big are those bumps you found? Couldn’t be that they’re just swollen taste buds or do they look like abnormal growths?

I have what is called a geographical tongue and most often, it is aggregated by spicy food, so I have been avoiding spicy lately. I get red patches and sometimes bumps at the back of my tongue. A dentist told me this is normal and there is nothing to about it but avoid things that aggravate it.

However, this may not be your case but the thing is that your nutrition or an allergy could have caused these bumps. If I were you, I would see a dentist and check any of the irregularities.

What kind of bumps are they? Is there any white stuff around, do they hurt or bleed?

Do you perform an oral sex without a condom? You could have caught thrush ( there is usually white coating around) or even HPV ( Human Papilloma Virus) and the bumps could be oral warts.

If your bumps look like those on the photo, then they’re just a normal tongue variant with enlarged circumvallate papillae. However, I think that warts look similar.

Anyway, like I said, I would see a dentist or an oral surgeon. If they can’t determine just by looking at it, they can always do a biopsy and make the diagnosis.