After reading the comments about burning tongue and geographic tongue, I also have a question about my own tongue. I burned my tongue on extremely hot food about six months ago. I stopped eating hot foods, salty foods, and foods that had harsh texture to them and tried to eat cold thing. However, my tongue began to have a geographic look to it. At the time, I thought it was just healing, so I ignored it. After a couple months later, it never seemed to become the same color again, so I decided to see my doctor. I was prescribed Nystatin oral mouth rinse, which irritated my tongue, causing more pain than before. I then was prescribed a GI cocktail, which included five different ingredients including Nystatin, Lidocaine, and not sure of the other three, along with Zantac. I saw a little improvement, but not much. I tried salt water gargles but they seemed to irritate my tongue more, making it red, so I quit using all of these medications. I tried Chlorhexidine rinse as well as swish diluted hydrogen peroxide with little improvement. I also have been taking prenatal vitamins in case I am deficient. My physician wants to refer me to ENT, but I am not sure if that is the right route for me, since nothing has worked. I would like to try steroids but am not sure if it would help. I need some advice on what to do!