Hi! I had sex with my fiance on April 6th, 2013 and i'm supposed to get my period on the 14th, but obviously i didn't get it.. Today is April 22nd, and i still haven't gotten my period yet. I spotted a little the day after my missed period, just like a little. Saturday the 20th i started spotting, a reddish brown color and it's just a little. I did that until today which is Monday the 22nd, i took my tampon out and nothing was there? I feel some cramping like on the sides of my stomach, like it's getting tighter or something? My back is absolutely killing me, and neck aches god those are the worse!!! My feet swell up, and my hands. I got really dizzy once and it was like a random black out, luckily i was sitting down. My hormones are like crazy, i just want to have sex like crazy! And i'm getting pretty emotional... i'm really angry out of nowhere then i'm all crying watching How i met your mother? It's so weird.