Hi, Ive always had problems with my nose and throat i had an operation when i was 15 to shrink the lining of my nose which helped with the aches and pains around my eyes and nose, however it didnt help me with my other problems which is always a dry throat around my tonsils and i have to snort alot to clear my nose and especially after food and drink intake, i have difficulty swalling sometimes and odd occasion my tonsils get so dry that i cant breath and i feel like i'm going to choke on them. I have on odd occasion thought i was guna die a few times through the dryness of my tonsils especially of a ngiht when it woke me up. Also when i go to bed of a night i am very aware of my tonsils moving and sumtimes feels like they hit the back of my throat which makes me frightened of going to bed. It feels like my tonsils are blocking the air ways to my nose at the back but not sure if thats possible???

Ive been backward and forward to the doctors since i could talk and now getting really fed up as i have had this for 30years of my life as far as i can remember. Anyone any ideas as ive had minor tests etc and they have found nothing wrong. Over the past year its getting worse and affecting me in the sense i feel more stressed cause of it and tired also.

The only thing that the doctor found was one tonsil was smaller than the other one but he said that wouldnt cause any problems so did nothing about it.