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Hello, My name is Kandace Lynn. I got my tonsils and adenoids out August 9,2012. I havent been able to eat,drink,talk,swallow,and i can hardly breath. I am starting to look pale and loosen alot of weight. how long will this take to heel up?  and so i can eat and go on abt my day as normal??:-)


Hey kandace, first this is the weight your losing is probably fluid. I know it stings/hurts to even drink water, like razor blades. But you must keep your water levels up.
Eating is so important for the healing process, I'm sure your throat looks very white and swollen? And feels like you could be Chocking at times. Eating helps scrape the sides down so it can heal, if you don't you run the risk of hemorrhaging ( loss of blood due to infection and not healing causing it to bleed) And can be dangerous if you don't get it under control. If it does hemorrhage keep calm and it should clot back up again soon, but if it happens again go to your doctor ASAP. I know this because I had my tonsils out as an adult and chose not to eat because it was just to painful, and I lost alot of blood and a trip in the ambulance for an hour to the nearest hospital. I woke up one morning thinking I had alot of syliva, but when I turned the light on there was blood. ( kids normally do so much better because they carnt help but eat ) remember keep the fluids up, you can go without eating for a couple of days but need water every day. From memory give it two weeks. :)


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What kind of doctors do they have these days? Don't they tell you anything?

When I had mine out 60 years ago they told me exactly what to eat.

They said to eat ice cream, then applesauce, then whatever soft foods I liked and could swallow. It was probably two weeks or more before I was able to eat some kinds of solid food.

They also suggested baby food but they knew that at 10 years old I would feel like I was too old for that so they didn't push it.

 I know it even hurts to have air go across the spots where they cut you but it should be getting a lot better in a few days.

I was just learning to play trumpet when they did mine. Afterwards I couldn't play it because I couldn't stop the air from coming out my nose when I tried to blow. It took several months to get over that.