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hey guys

Im new around here

Im someone with history of panic attacks , anxiety + stress,

I recently 1 week ago started to have this weird Left swollen TONSIL / LUMP in the throat feeling

I want to check if anyone had that before???

My symptoms are.

1.feeling of having a Lump behind my LEFT tonsil + swollen feeling(no irritation pain...)
2.lump in the throat
3.lump in the tonsil that seems to move to the throat from time to time....
4.sometimes i need to clear up my throat to make ''space''
so i burp , or i just reverse my swallowing motion to get my throat ''FREE''....
5.No sore throat fever...
7.the minute i drink water i feel it again

Yesterday i had this feeling of lump in the throat + left tonsil swollen
for more than 4 hours non stop
and it's been lasting for 2 days in a row now that it comes & go.......

Does anyone had that before????

it isn't staying 100% of the time so i am not paniking but .. when the lump feeling stays there for a good 10 20 mins i start to breath harder by the mouth and = doesn't help it at all....



Welcome to the website. I sure had that before. Panic attack, anxiety and stress can all cause a lump in the throat feeling. Regular sustained aerobic exercise can make it go away.


appreciate it

would your lump in the throat / tonsil /

stays in for days?

or a short period?


here's an update I went to see a doctor yesterday
Just couldn't stand this

and he told me i had a lump , and took a bacteria strep test.......but couldn't tell me what i had

he said , you dont have fever or anything , but we will test because it seems like your ''small tonsil under your tonsil is like swollen''due to a bacteria he gave me
BENZAMINE RINSE to try to send a little away but as always = im scared of trying the medicine!

and feelling like chocking today aswell!!!



Sounds like you may have a throat infection. If confirmed, antibiotics will take care of it.


yeah maybe but no fever no other signs

the only thing i have is i cannot sleep well nowadays

and u have chest symptoms ''blocking my air when i breathe but thats maybe plain anxiety''

since my nose seems to be Useless both nostrils are congested (not from a virus but just dust or something i have a crappy nose)


the TEST came back Negative....... = they never call me in 1 week + so this means negative....

the ''swollen Tonsil feeling '' has come down a little but there are days i feel it and some not

it really feels like if the back of my tongue is touching a part of the tonsil from the lowest extremity .

What could it be ,
i talked to my psychiatrist about this , he told me oh don't worry those symptoms are ''stress related'' , yeah well....
100% of all my stuff will be related now if i think this way


It sounds like allergies and tonsil stones. I have a similar problem. I suffer from occasion hay fever, or pollen, typical allergy irritants, and it mostly affects one side of my tonsils, the left. The "lump could be tonsil stones or Tonsilloliths, debris which calcify and lodge behind your tonsil. Gargling helps, plus a neti pot helps. Consider these.


i am experiencing the same exact thing. Two weeks ago i came down with a swollen gland on the left side and it hurt really bad to swollow where it kept me up at nights. I finally went to my doctor because i was sure i had strep throat. Surprisingly the throat culture came back negitive. My doctor told me it was a virus infection and that i would have to let it takes its course and gave me some steriods to help with the swellin. it was hard to pass food and even liquids.All of a sudden two days later drainage poured into my mouth that was foul tasting and the pain in my throat was instantly gone and i could swollow without any pain. I went back to my doctor and he referred me the a ears, nose, thoat specialist and told me i had a bad case of bacteria infection in my tonsil and it caused me having ulcers, so he gave me a antibiotic. I am hoping that this medication will work, my throat doesn't hurt that much but i always feel like there is something stuck on the left side of my throat. I hope this helps you and if this continues  to bother you i would greatly suggest  you go to a specialist.



It can be a "Tonsil Stone". I've had a similar sensation like there's something stuck in the back of my throat. Managed to have a bunch of the damned tonsil stones extracted and I feel much better.