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I have large tonsils to begin with, but for the past 5 days, my right tonsil has swelled up to about twice its usual size. At first, it didn't hurt unless I opened my mouth real wide (ie. yawning, taking a large bite of food, or checking it in the mirror)... but I could feel discomfort in my throat. Today I started feeling immense pain. The pain can be felt in my throat, jaw, and down the right side of my neck. Swallowing hurts too. For the past few nights, I've had this constant fear that my either my airway will close up or I'll choke on the tonsil in my sleep. My speech also sounds weird now, like my throat is being squeezed together while I talk, or like I took the tiniest inhale of helium.
(don't worry, I've never inhaled helium in my life)

I've had problems with my right tonsil being swollen before, but never has it gotten this massive. I know I should see a doctor about this, but the problem is I've been EXTREMELY busy because of final exams (oh, college). I won't be free to see a doctor until Wednesday. The swelling could be attributed to stress or even allergies, but I'm sure it's more serious than that. Is there any home remedy I could use for the time being to get rid of the teeth-rattling pain? And is there any sort of information anyone can give me about swollen tonsils? It's really bothering me =(


Gargle vinegar.My doctor recommended this to me and it works great to numb the pain.But you should still do see a doctor.