i had my tonsils removed at 1pm today, i'm in no pain whatsoever, just hurts abit to swallow, i am a smoker & know it will cause detrimental damage if i do inhale smoke, so i'm pushing aside these damn cravings, how soon will i be able to smoke, i know i'm better off quitting, but right now all i can think about is having a ciggarette!

also i've been hearing alot of people talk about thier scabs falling off, what does it taste & feel like? will this make me sick? (vomit) will it be painful? & am i supposed to even swallow it?

i suffer with anxieties, & like to know the ins & outs of everything, hence all the questions. I am only 18 & this was my first op, was so scared but have to admit, the drip was the most painful part & i DID not even feel that, & when i woke up in recovery, i opened my eyes & said to the nurse "when will i be operated on? " she replied with: "darling you've already been operated on"

should have seen the smile on my face when i knew it was all over :)

& the hospital let me go home 2 hours after surgery, i was stoked!