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I am 37 years old and have lived thus far with "cryptic tonsils". I had tonsil stones about twice a month last winter. Every time I would get head colds and feel miserable until I could pluck them out or they fell out. I decided that I shouldn't have to be miserable for the rest of my life and have bad breath to boot! NOBODY SHOULD SUFFER WITH TONSILS!

I read blogs with a variety of comments from other adults, the ones that I found most useful were the ones that noted that the people did not get sick anymore, Hallelujah! The tonsilectomy works! I decided that I wasn't going to go to the doctor and just whine about the problem so I made a video of all the times I was sick and of all the chunks I removed, that way he couldn't suggest that I just keep cleaning them and living with it!

I saw Dr. Nuwayhid from Emerson Hospital in Concord MA. He watched my video and discussed it with me, and also found a nasal polyp that he wanted to remove.

I had my tonsilectomy on Tuesday July 31st and it is the best thing I've ever done! The Dr. used a cauterize method to remove them. When I woke up and the nurse asked my name and what my pain level was I was actually surprised it was about a 3 (where 1 is fine and 10 is extreme pain). the morophine wore off and at most it went to a 4. I tried a popsicle and apple juice but both were acidic and hurt the throat. The ice water and ice chips were fine and the custard pudding they gave me was great and soothing.

They gave me a prescriptioin for Roxicet and said liquid tylenol would also be ok to take to boost the strength some more. I could walk and talk so I personally walked into the drug store and they didn't have the Roxicet. The next one I went to did have it and I went home (my parents drove me). At home I took the medicine some water and wen to bed. I sipped the water and didn't sleep much. When I got up I had a fever was dizzy and had to puke. I feared for my life that it would be blood, however it was just water, AMEN! At that point I realized that I had to EAT FOOD! so the medicine and water wouldn't keep my stomache messed up. I also took tylenol to keep fever down.

HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN EAT: Lipton/Knorr noodles in butter sauce. make with a little extra water and they slide right on down and actually for being bland don't taste to bad! Here it was the first night and I was eating solid food. Once I did that I knew I wouldn't have any problems because my body was being nourished and my stomache had solid food in it to calm it. The butter and herb flavor is ok as well I had some of that on day 2 but the plain butter flavor is better. I also could eat popsicle brand vanilla fudgecicles and Le Sueur canned very young sweet peas and cooked frozen spinache. Butter them up (throw out that lousy salty margarine junk and eat real unsalted butter!) and these foods all slide right on down! If you EAT you will be fine and recover quick.

On Day 2 day my wife brought home more noodles and some pastina pasta and some squash soup. Frost Gatorades are good to drink, boost is ok but I'm not a fan of the mucous they make. stay away from anything chocolate it is too acidic and hurts. Drink plenty of water.

Drug wise I do have to take the percoset every 3-4 hours or the pain is too much. The pain is the worst when waking up after about 3-4 hours (that's all you will sleep at a time). Day 3 was the worst painwise, some small scabs were coming off by then. Also drugwise, my doctor also gave me a swish and swallow mix of antinbiotic/antifungal/antihistimine and steroid which I take after eating to clean the throat.

Today as I wright this it is day 4 and I can tell things are getting much better! This procedure and recovery is no where near as bad as some people make it out to be. I think the key is that you need to feed your body, it doesn't recover on it's own! Eat, drink, take your medicine, get some sleep.

I am soooo glad they are gone. Already my sinuses feel clear and I suspect I'll breathe and feel healthy so much more in life that I won't know what to do with myself.

Feel free to email me and I'll try to answer any questions or concerns you might have from a patients point of view.

Randy Mathieu


I am so happy to hear this! I am 19 and I just got my tonsils removed this morning and I've been eating ice chips all day because when i seem to drink water i feel like it comes up and goes into my nose is this normal??? would drink from a straw help? also I am very worried about the scabs.. do u swallow them? will I know when they are falling off? also i find that i have alot of mucus is there anything i can do for that because i no its gross but hacking it up hurts like hell... thank you for your help


Hi Morgan,

I didn't try ice chips but it sounds normal that instead of letting the water go down you are redirecting it up the nose (it is all connected), I didn't try a straw but go for it maybe it will help. I know the pain and I know it sucks but hang in there.

I never really noticed scabs falling off, I think the key is to keep eating and drinking and this keeps everything moist and moving and allows it to heal smoothly. It will get a little more painful in a few days before it gets better due to the healing but again hang in there and I hope you got the percoset, If not I highly recommend requesting it!

I recommend trying to eat, after all mucus is a response of salive glands when you are hungry. When you are full there will be less mucus and you'll be on the road to recovery.

Good luck!


ha ha, that is funny, I just re-read my old post and I guess I had noticed some scabs falling off (it has been well over a year so I totally forgot!). Don't worry though they are not that memorable! ha!


thanks so much for your help! I'm really nervous about the pain on day 3 and 4 I am so glad to hear that the scabs dont matter that much, ill just try to keep eating ice.. again thanks for all your advice!