My name is Dani, I am 20 years old. I get sick a lot and have sleep apnia. The doctors told me that i would not get sick as much after this surgery and that i would sleep a lot better. Im hoping they are right because this is hell.

Day 1 - waking out of surgery. When i woke i was in extreme pain balling my eyes out because it hurt so bad. that lastes about 10 minutes until i was knocked out with pain killers. The rest of the day i was in and out of sleep at not control of my own.  I managed to eat a bit of a sandwhich a bit of pasta and cheese. which took me about 3 hours because i keep involintarily falling asleep.

Day 2 - Woke up in a lot of pain at 2 am to a coughing fit, that one well it hurt a alot! The doctor said that me having a cold woudln't effect the surgery. Well it didn't I dont think he wanted to mention how much it would hurt coughing up phlem after a tonsilectomy though. That sucked. The rest of day 2 wasnt to badi couldn't eat hard food infact i was unable to eat scrambled eggs when I got up. trying having pasta for dinner it hurt a lot. My family had very tender steak and although that hurt a lot to i ate some anyway. the tiniest of tiniest pieces of course but painful very much.

Day 3 - My throat was so sore and irritated (im guessing from the steak)  that i couldn't swallow my own syliva, drink or eat. I called my doctor and i got sent back to hospital for the day. They had to put a drip in me to re hydrate me i was there for seven hours and then sent home hydrated and able to swallow again.
I had mashed potato and gravy for dinner.

Day 4- relaxed on the couch, pain mainly only when meds were near due. discovered today i should only eat after half an hour of pain meds. Today i tried to eat a chicken roll. it was soft easy and mashed up after chewing it for ages. Still hurt never going to eat normal food again until i know for sure its not going to hurt me after.

Day 5 - its 5 am of day 5 now 15 minutes until my pain meds are due. I have been using an icepack through the night as im in a lot of pain it works well but when the pain killers wear off, they like to wear off good.

If your looking for any advice, here is mine
1. drink plenty of water not only does it keep you hydrated but helps with swallowing in general i notice the days ive drank more water im not in as much pain when taking medicine and such.
2. make sure you take your meds on time if you miss them for half an hour the pain seems to get unbearable.
3. Do NOT kid yourself. When they say its going to hurt they do not mean a little. I thought i would be able to handle the pain. At times i wish i never got it done and it makes you very emotional when your in this much pain.

I hope it's worth it and that its all over soon because this is the worst experience ive ever had in my life.