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I am a 52 year old healthy male who is scheduled to have a traditional TURP surgery two weeks from now. I have been on two Prostate medicines (Avodart and Flomax (1 Avodart and 2 Flomax)) for two years now each day and my prostate has continued to grow and grow to the point where I have all the extreme symptoms of BPH and a cystoscopy revealed a very large, swollen prostate with broken blood vessels which is why I have had nights where I have woken up all bloody. I am a single, celibate male. So I am going to have the traditional TURP. The Green light is not available in my area.

My sister and a friend who are RNs are pushing me to change the date and travel somewhere to have Green Light but prior to all this I have done my research on Green Light and 2 of my doctors (urologists) who are both board certified and each did a separate exam never mentioned Green Light as an option and both said I really needed a TURP. They offer 4 other procedures (Holex, etc). I am afraid that traveling 500 miles and not having anyone to care for me (I live alone) would be difficult and costly (my PPO does not cover the doctor they know in this place out of town and they are not there to help me out).

Plus I have read about the catherer required for the Green LIght for several weeks after. With the TURP I will be in the hospital for a few days here at home, then go home without a catherer. I know that I will need a few weeks to recover but I have people here lined up to take care of me, and I will be in my own house. My doctor says I will not need alot of attention but just some here at home.

Has anyone had the traditional TURP? What was your experience? How was your recovery period?
I'd appreciate anyone's feedback.



Please check out HoLep with Dr. Lingeman in Indiana.