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I am 56 years old and in very good health and physical shape. I had PVP green light surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago and my doctor told me to wait about three weeks before having sex. He said any earlier might be uncomfortable and might contain blood in the semen. I masterbated this morning and when reaching the point of orgasm I had no ejaculation, which I was aware could be the case, but I also had no feeling. Just the start of the sensation that lets you know you are about to climax. Is this common? Does it return?


I had a traditional TURP {or transurethral Resection of the Prostate) in August 2006 and within 4 months had two more TURPS. From the first one --I had such a major orgasm sensation loss (as you did) that I wish I had NEVER had the surgery. I had experienced retrograde ejaculation while on the drug FLOMAX and sensation was altered at orgasm but not severly. In regard to post TURP orgasm-- my urologist had said it will "FEEL THE SAME"--NOTHING could be further from the truth. If the sensation I originally had was a "10"-- at best now it is only a 2 or a 3. I too was 56 when I had the surgery last year and in good health otherwise. This is NOT what I expected the next 20 or so years to be like sexually.

DID I GIVE INFORMED CONSENT FOR SURGERY? How could I, not having been told that sensation loss was a possibility and having been reassured "IT WILL FEEL THE SAME"--Am I peeved about it? YOU BET.....Shall I discretely say that I am my "only partner" so no complaints from others-I have had no ED problems--just no feeling of BANG--I had an orgasm. Everyone who is going to have prostate surgery of ANY KIND should be informed of this possibility.

There is little in the USA literature and my Urologist said he had never read about this in a Urology text and not been informed of it as a Urology resident. I have found men relating similar feelings (or lack of) as I have on sites like this and articles in some British Medical Journals that address the issue. My Urologist having now been told about it by me so many times I bet he is sick of hearing it again, I hope will NOW tell all his future patients that a TURP is proposed to that what happend to me MIGHT happen to them as well
George T


I had TURP done three years ago. The prostrate problem reappeared and my specialist suggested Green Light Laser procedure.
The blood in urine lasted for two months after which it returned gradually to normal.
I had the RE effect but otherwise sexual libido and functions were as before.
While RE did not actually interfere with the total sexual experience I felt that the gun fire was a welcome effect which I wanted to have (gun control lobby supported me about my proposition).
I turned to nature and after various trials and errors have come to a final organic herbal preparation which not only restored ejaculation but in actual fact doubled the quantum. And now it comes in two steps, spaced by about three minutes. You may call it a double barrel gun.

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