I have brought up Thulium laser prostate surgery previously without getting much response. Seems that it was because it was not acailable in America until now.

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I have always been surprised at the more difficult HOLEP being the Holy Grail for so many on this site. Surely the simpler methods are best. Thulium has been around in Europe for around ten years.

I had a PVP in 2006 but my prostate grew back over time. In May this year I had Thulium laser surgery at my local hospital in England. The result was not as instant as PVP but from my reading here HOLEP takes mnany a long time to get over. Being a 'Bleeder' I was in hospital for two nights before being released with a catheter. It was supposed to be left in for a week but somehow the instuctions were gasrbled and it was left in for two weeks. During the first week I was passing prostate debris and some clots. In the second week rose tinted urine.

When the catheter was removed my urine was instantly clear and since then only two pieces of debris and no more clots. Urgency has gone and one visit to the toilet during the night is now the norm. Flow is not as strong as I expected and tends to be variable but I have no retention. Retro indeed yes but that is no real problem. I am 79 and my prostsate was 125 grams.

At my follow up with the surgeon he asked if I can go three hours without going to  the toilet. I told him that it is often five or even six hours. He suggestedthat I should take Avodart to stop my prostate from growing back. He said that the prostate capsule will shring back to the size of the prostate left and then may grow again. I said at my age that may not be a problem if itgrows slowly and rejected Avodart at the moment.

Youtube has many recent videos of the procedure