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I have had BPH for more than 20 years, went the drug route, herbals, diet, etc with very limited success. PSA was 5.25, free PSA was 17. Toyed with the idea of a TURP, greenlight and Holap Laser as a method for relief of symtoms. Going to the bathroom 5 times a night was not my idea of living a quality life.

My issue was making as sure  that I was prostate cancer free before opting for the greenlight laser. Unlike a TURP and Holap there is no tissue to biopsy with a greenlight laser procedure. To do this I had a special prostate MRI done and then participated in a unique trial biopsy procedure.  If a suspicious area is found a biopsy that is aided by a real time sonogram with GPS tracking was then overlaid onto the MRI suspicious area.

TURP in my opinion causes post op issues that the laser alternatives do not. Some urologists my try to talk against the laser procedures only because the time it takes to obtain the desired opening in the prostate is on the average twice as long with the laser as compared with a TURP. On average  the Greenlight Laser procedure takes about an hour to complete compared to 30 minutes with a button or wire TURP! You have to take care of yourself and decide what is best for you not the doctor.

After the green-light:

Removed the catheter myself, took my first pee and was amazed! The last time I had such a strong and full stream was when I was much younger :) at the end of peeing there was major burning on my tip and some blood. This lasted for about 3 days, now happy to say there is no more issues.

Still going to the bathroom often but this is normal. The bladder has to be retrained to function normally with no obstruction causing back pressure. This can take a while.

Day 5: pressure still good, no pain, no blood, some clots coming out, did not try sex yet, read online trying this too soon can cause a setback in the heeling process. I will wait at least a total of 2 weeks before I will try.


don't know what the future will bring, now I am so happy that I can at least pee without straining, I think everything else will fall into place as time goes on...

Good luck to everyone out there and thanks for listening to me ramble on.....................:)





Hi Rob, thanks for posting your experiences with PVP. My symptoms mimic yours very closely. I have had BPH/prostatitis for many years. I am at the end now (of supplements and drugs, that is). Residual urine volume is now too high and doc is recommending TURP before damaging kidneys or bladder. He doesn't think much of laser treatment. However, after much research online, I am definitely inclined to look for a doc who utilizes the Greenlight XPS 180W machine for PVP, as this seems to be the latest and greatest laser.


Anyway, I am in Newport, Rhode Island, about an hour South of Boston, MA. If anyone has experience with Greenlight Urologist in my area, please post here.

I will have procedure done soon, and will post results.


Thanks, Dave F in Rhode Island



Hi Rob

Where did you have the procedure done?


Just thought I'd piggyback on Rob's post with my experience with the Green Light laser treatment. 

I am 53 and had difficulty urinating for more than 10 years.  None of the drugs worked and as the problem became worse there was no real alternative but surgery. I had the Greenlight laser a little more than 3 months ago.  It was supposed to be outpatient surgery but as I bled more than expected they kept me in the hospital overnight.  I was released the next day with a catheter and the catheter was removed the following day.  

I had all the symptoms that have been reported here to varying degrees.  Bleeding (and clots coming out), pain while urinating, urgency, retrograde ejaculation, etc.  There were definitely times that I was sweating the amount of blood in my urine or the size of a clot that came out or that I still had pain after 6 weeks.  The net is that things did slowly get better until after about two months I had no pain, no bleeding and no urgency (obviously I still have the reverse ejaculation.)

The results though are spectacular.  I smile every time I go to the bathroom.

Good luck to everyone that goes through this.



I had it 6/24/2013 yesterday. Have a little pain urinating and blood is getting lighter already. Flow is great. I'm a happy camper so far. It was done in a VA hospital (James Peters) in the Bronx, NY. If you are a vet, I highly recommend this hospital, or any VA hospital, as I feel they do more with mens conditions than any others. Dr McWilliams is the chief resident who takes part in all the green light surgeries performed in the above named hospital. Most importantly, I feel, they do quite a lot of these, the more the merrier.