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I want to introduce you to Transferceutical Science!. Transfer Factor molecules are completely unique. They contain information that can be transferred from one immune system to another. That means that your body can borrow the immune education it needs to Recognize, Respond to, and Remember unwanted threats. 4Life Transferceutical products truly provide the ultimate in immune system support.

Transfer Factors have been around for over 50years. 4Life has spent over 40 million dollars in research and there are over 3,000 clinical studies on these prodcuts. Also, you can find 16 our products in the PDR(Physicians Desk Reference) book used by doctors. Whether they prescribe you our products is something else.

Let me tell you a fun fact. Russia a communist country. When people get sick in Russia and go to the clinic or hospital, guess what product the doctor gives them to take home so that they can get better? YUP! 4Life Transfer Factors! Why do they do that you say? Well since Russia is a communist country the government pays for all clinic and hospital visits. They want to keep people as healthy as possible.

Check it out for yourself! For more information and to buy the products, please visit:

Dont thank me, THANK GOD for providing you with this info.

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Why is it dat nobody says anything about this??? MY Gosh! The first i'm going to do on Monday is call my doctor and yell at him. FRicking id**t.. It makes sense now. THey don't offer you the good stuff so dat you have to come back AGAIN and AGAIN!! GGGRRRRRR!!!!!!