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hey does it have an over the counter drug for venereal or vaginal warts


Hi there! I actually think all of the drugs are prescription drug. I don’t think HPV is something you should play with. If there were a over the counter drug, everybody would be using it without doctor’s check-up and I honestly don’t think it is such a good idea.

However, even if it were an over the counter drug, it would destroy the doctors and clinic who have the lasers because in my country a laser treatment for vaginal warts costs 200 euros, which is a lot! And yet, there is no guarantee they won’t breakout again and if/when they do, you need to pay all over again.

Small and internal warts are usually treated with either cryosurgery (freezing), electrocautery (burning), or laser treatment and big, external could be treated with certain topical creams. There is Podophyllotoxin solution (in forms of Condyline™ and Wartec™), which kills the warts by making them shrink and Imiquimod cream (in form of Aldara) that boosts the body's immune response to the infection. These both creams are prescription drugs and could be severe. They are not to be used during pregnancy as they can be passed through the placents.

There are some antiviral drugs, like Interferon, which is pretty strong and very expensive and rarely used and Cidofovir, which is still in the experimental stage.

An old “treatment” included leaving the warts to clear up on their own. Within three months, 20 to 30 percent of patients' non-cervical warts will clear up by themselves. It is said that in some cases, our immune system is able to expel or kill the virus itself. It is not safe to have sex during the outbreak, not even with a condom because HPV is skin to skin contact transmitted and condoms may not cover the whole areas and you may pass the virus to your partner/s.
Don’t play and wait for your warts to clear especially if you are a woman because some strains of the various may lead to cervical cancer.