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So I have a question about blood glucose levels and Vitamin C.  Can takeing large doses of of it help control blood glucose levels?  i heard this from someone and googled it and saw a site that sells vitamins. they said that 2000 mg of vitamin c can metabolize and burn the carbs right out of our body.  I am diabetic and have to take medicine for diabetes.  I think if I can get off of these meds and take something healthy like vitamin c.  Maybe I can get off my meds and go on it if someone can tell me if this is effective.  Thank you!


Hello, Guest!  You are interested in taking Vitamin C for your blood glucose control?  There are some studies that support the theory of Vitamin C treating heart disease in diabetes.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it is antioxidants that help decrease oxidation in your body.  Increased oxidation in a body can increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.  One study found that taking 400 mg or more of Vitamin C will significantly reduce risks of coronary heart disease in many types of patients, even diabetics.  Another study showed that Vitamin C improved HgbA1c levels in their participants.

One article states that type 2 diabetes is more of an autoimmune disease so by taking Vitamin C and targeting your immune system and making it stronger, you can achieve better blood sugar control. The hallmark of type 2 diabetes is the B cells (fighters of foreign bodies) and other immune cells attacking the diabetic’s cells and tissues.  It is advised to take 3,000 mg of Vitamin C and gradually work up to 6,000 mg.  You may experience diarrhea from larger doses of Vitamin C.  I am not advocating that this is a sure thing, however.  This is what has been shown according to some research.  There is other research that will dispute it.