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It started three months ago,
It was just nausea at first
I then noticed pain in the lower abdomen (2 inches below the navel more towards the right).
I had to run to the toilet everytime for bowel movement minutes after eating and also had burning with urination.
Irregular bowel movements - around 10-12 times a day, COncentrated urine
I was referred to a gastroenterologist
Tests showed no WBC in urine, and no pathogens in blood,
Got a CT scan done to look for kidney stones and other masses,
Came back perfect.

The symptoms continued, I now had more pain with sitting for a long time,
My doctor checked for a hernia, not present was what he said.
Got a stool test done for parasites - none
Small bowel series - Came back good.
And finally a colonoscopy, Found an inflamatorry polyp(confirmed on biopsy results).
No other abnormalities at all.

Overall no clinical evidence at all of anything

Diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome.

Over the next month my bowel symptoms got better.
But the pain in the lower abdomen (constant gnawing pain), burning with urination and nausea still persisted.

Got sent to a urologist ,
Again only blood in urine is what he saw.
Got another CT(without contrast this time)

No stones.
No calcified veins- nothing.

Went through a painful cystoscopy,
After which I felt like I was urinating with broken glass in my urethra.

Bladder looked fine,
Prostrate checked, No inflammation.

Could be INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS was what I was told.

The urologist again kept doing tests for blood in urine,
Last week there was no blood in urine anymore,

But the pain in the lower abdomen is still present,
the burning with urination is not going anywhere.
Nausea persists.

Pain (burning in urethra)with masturbation too.
No discharge.

Am not sexually active.(No oral/intercourse)
kissing is the only thing I do with my girl friend.
Got 2/3 Lap dances in the past- I was fully clothed.- No contact in any way with primary sexual orans.
Other than that - Have been doing a bit of weights.

Please help me.
I am running out of options.

The symptoms still present are:

Burning with urination/ejaculation - persists after that too almost constantly.
Constant gnawing Pain in lower abdomen,
Constant NAUSEA.
Brown urine after physical activity


I am a female, but I know this frustration well. I have similar mystery symptoms, and I have combed the internet trying to figure out what was wrong. Try to really watch the caffiene/ citrus/ alcohol intake, and if it triggers worse symptoms. Are you taking any oral meds? I found my symptoms were worse when I would take a certain sleeping pill. The main thing is to stay hydrated. Water water water. I swear this is the key. When you work out, especially. If I dehydrate, my bladder "pinches" and I feel so uncomfortable. I found there is also a supplement that provided me relief when nothing else would. It's called D-Mannose. Be sure to buy the powder form. Mix a huge tablespoon in juice, water, etc. It barely has a taste. I swear by it. I hope any of this helped. Good luck.