Hi all,

Been to the doctors twice. Screened And double screened for most sexually transmitted std/stI, lyme disease, etc. No white blood cells or growth in either urination, 3 weeks apart. Already took a 7 day course of doxycycline. No help.

Symptoms are not present when I drink excessive amounts of water.

Symptoms include urethra irritation during urination  (only when I haven't had as much water, namely when my pee is yellow), and irritation for 5-10 minutes after. Occasional, sporadic irritation at random points throughout the day for a few moments. 

The big symptom is the long thread in my urine. 2 inches or longer. Present in most all urine. 1 thread per urination. When I am hydrated and have relatively clear pee there isn't always a thread, but when there is it is very faint. 

When I haven't been drinking as much, or in the morning, the thread is noticeably thicker, white with no other colors present, and the urination feels irritating to my urethra. 

No pain anywhere else, no itching, no blood, no bumps, no sores. Nothing.

I have a specialist visit in a few weeks but I've had these symptoms for over a month and I'm worried about my health in the mean time, it's also very irritating. Any suggestions would be wonderful.