This post is a follow up to the 10 year old thread called Urethral Pain with No Infection. My post is being created in Oct 2018 after just reading 28 pages of the previous post. I'd like to see the topic continue in a new thread because the old one is old and maybe new treatments have come out, or there may be more known now. 

The general issues are:

  • NEGATIVE urine tests (no bacteria found)
  • NOT experiencing UTI. 
  • Stinging, sharp, shooting, aching, or gnawing pain during or after urination 
  • Pain "shooting up" what you believe is the urethra, as high as the pubic bone, at any time or constant, or intermittent
  • Clitoral pain may accompany
  • You cannot get complete relief from changing foods. 
  • You have been suffering and antibiotics haven't helped. 
  • Depression, anger, sadness, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and lack of appetite may accompany for many. 
  • You may have been through years of pain, surgeries, and doctors who haven't helped or said it was "mental".
  • Pain may fluctuate in intensity and timing

Other things noted:

  • Doctors are usually clueless
  • Gynos send you to Urologist
  • Urologists send you to Gynos
  • You may have had cystoscopy, cat scans, or other tests. 
  • You remember UTIs in your history.
  • You may wear tight jeans or feel uncomfortable wearing them due to feeling constricted
  • You may have tried the emergency room and it was not helpful
  • Affects females most but men also experience similar symptoms

Some things people have suggested:

  • A connection between muscles or nerves in the back. Lower lumbar. Chiropractor, Massage Therapist or Physical Therapist trained specifically in this therapy.
  • muscles of pelvic floor - dysfunction
  • Surgeon may also be option. 
  • Possible lack of estrogen (hormonal)
  • Spastic pelvic floor - low dose Xanax has helped a few.
  • Possible yeast infection of the urine that doctors don't pick up on. Request a long course (20 days) of Nystatin, as directed, to clear all yeast out and give it a few weeks to work. 
  • Benedryl helped many, as it blocks hystamines. 
  • Possible pelvic muscle dysfunction. Try trigger point therapy. 
  • Marshmallow root (tea or capsules)
  • Gabapentin or Lyrica for nerve relaxing
  • Research Clitorodynia or Vulvodynia
  • Measure urine pH and if urine is too acidic, try drinking 1/4 tsp baking soda in warm water to stop pain. 
  • Pudendal Neuralgia or Pudendal Nerve Entrapment (Neurologist)
  • Steer clear of tea, soda or other highly anything things
  • Azo (over the counter) or Pyridium works for many, or may not work (may cause stomach problems without food. This supposedly numbs urinary tract and will turn pee orange)

If anyone had anything else to add, please do it here. The old thread is so old it took hours to read. I tried to consolidate the most relevant or common complaints and treatments that worked for people. Maybe we can synergize with some up to date info. 

Thanks for adding your thoughts or successful treatments. Please do not try to coax people to buy your product or "Google" your magic cure. The internet is smarter than that and trolls are ignored.