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Hello all, I have type 2 diabetes and I am pregnant. I need to know about pregnancy insulin requirements. Some of my friends tell me I need more insulin and other tell me I should stay the same. Is there any one out that is pregnant or was pregnant that has/had diabetes type 2? I'm a little concerned about this and not sure what to do. My husbands tells me I'm a worry wart especially about my pregnancy but I don't think he realizes that being diabetic and and being pregnant is high-risk business. So, is there anyone who can help me here. Thanks in advance.


Hello there, I just had my first child and I have diabetes type 2. I took good care of myself and made sure I had my blood glucose levels under control and I had no complications. When you are pregnant with diabetes type 2, you will require more insulin. Your doctor will talk to you about this and determine what adjustments you will need in your insulin dose to maintain control. An increase in insulin is particularly important during the second and third trimesters. This is because of a hormone that is made by the placenta which helps your fetus grow. Also, at the same time, this hormone blocks the action of your insulin so more insulin has to be added to the system.


Your healthcare provider will check your blood periodically to help you manage your blood glucose levels. In fact, my doctor had me check my blood glucose levels 8 times a day. Make sure you keep a log of your blood glucose measurements. Also, write down what you are eating and what exercise you do. That way your doctor can get a better idea of when you need your insulin dosage changed. Do not change you insulin dosage on your own. Wait for your doctor to let you know what to do.