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Hiya all, I have type 2 diabetes and I'm wondering are there any pregnancy risks with type 2 diabetes. Not only for me but my baby as well. I've been married over a year now and my husband and I are thinking about have a child. We think that because of my diabetes that might be some pregnancy risks. We need to know something about that before we try to get pregnant. Do I need to worry about my blood sugar levels before I get pregnant? It would stand to reason I do after I get pregnant but I suppose the doctor will help me with that. Should I talk to my doctor now, before I get pregnant or isn't that necessary? Can anyone help me? Thanks


Hi, I have diabetes type 2 and I have 3 children. Yes, there are a number of risks with pregnancy when you are type 2. However, complications don't need to arise if you monitor your blood glucose levels regularly and manage your blood sugar levels well and have good medical care.


Your fetus will be exposed to greater amounts of sugar which may cause the fetus to grow larger than normal. As your pregnancy progresses, your doctor will have to adjust your insulin dose especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Often times with diabetes type 2, the larger fetus is born premature and often a C section has to be done. These are some of the complications you are looking at.


Another complication is the possibility for birth defects. This generally happens with a mother whose blood sugar levels are out of control from the beginning. The first 12 weeks of conception are critical for proper development. So, you need to have your diabetes under control long before you get pregnant and continue to maintain proper sugar levels for both you and your baby. High levels of blood glucose and ketones have the ability to pass through the placenta causing problems for you fetus. Make sure you sugar levels are well managed before you get pregnant