Hey. Sorry to sound like a whiner, but, prior to the past five weeks or so, I was having large bowel movements at least three times per day and had a great life. I worked long hours, did excessive cardio workouts, coached youth sports, had a magnificient love life. Now it feels like that life has ended in the past five weeks. First, the regular daily bowel movements lessened in volume to the point where I was in constant abdominal pain. However, I continued my lifestyle to the best of my ability. After family and friends began harping at me, I reluctantly conferred with my physician, who said that the hyperactivity in my stomach "sounded like a washing machine," and sent me to a stomach specialist. The specialist, after upper and lower GIs, said I had a clenched stomach, the worst case of acid reflux he's ever seen, imflammation, and infection. The prescribed medications made me worse. A recent followup ultrasound says my stomach is fine now and I'm not even constipated, but says my stool is remaining in the right quadrant instead of moving to the left for expulsion. They are now saying they can't find anything wrong with me. Pizza had previously always furnished a heavy bowel movement, but even that doesn't work now. I dread eating because now I can hardly have bowel movements, if at all. Laxatives only causes me watery stool, which cramps me worse. I WANT MY LIFE BACK. I feel like a burden to my inner circle and not myself anymore. I truly hope no one here has ever experienced this, but, if you have, i'd appreciate any feedback.