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I was constipated about 1 week before Christmas and I had it for about 3 weeks. It's basically cleared up now but ever since my constipation started I have just had a conscious of a feeling in my stomach, this has also gone to my right side near to where my hip is. During my constipation I did strain to go to pass a stool, and so it could be a pulled muscle in my stomach and side? My stomach and side is no way near as bad as it was but I've also noticed every so often like (once or every two weeks) that I get little white tiny stringy pieces on my stool but my stool as a whole looks normal. I sometimes get grumbling noises coming from my stomach after I've eaten to. In addition it has never got to the extent where I am in severe pain, it's just always a feeling that will go and come back every now and again


Hello there. 

I think that you have worms in your stool, because those stringy bowel movements are just one of the signs. Intestinal worms may cause severe, life threatening infection and that is why I suggest you next time to "pick up" your stool and to take it to some tests.

It needs to be healed, because they can grow and they can be half inch long.

You need to figure out what have you ate before, did you travel somewhere where you could get them or something like that.

Tell this to your health provider and let him help you figure out the cause.