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Im 24 yrs old and for the past year I have been experiencing some strange issues. The following are some of my symptoms:

Gained almost 40 pounds in a few months
Urge to have bowel movement shortly after eating
stomach pains after eating lots of different types of food
stomach pains in the morning until I have a movement
3-5 movements a day
gas and bloating
mucus in my stool
blood on the toilet paper
loss of appetite

I'm 6ft tall and weigh 220pounds now. I have been to visit two seperate doctors and both had the same to say, irritable bowel syndrome. They recommended several changes and I have been making these changes for the past 2 months with no improvements noticed. Can anyone give me some suggestions please?


I am a 22 yr old male and suffer some of the same symptoms, with some headaches that pulse, neck pain and loose bowel movements. I have had many many tests done, all NEG Aids hep a b c TB parasites helicobacter pylori Gonnoreaha(NOT fun) and others. Ive done many cleansers and tried to do a self colon cleanse(NOT fun). Im still not getting better.

Ive not had any weight gain, but if you've undergone all the blood tests and everything is coming back normal and have undergone everything you know, try testing your stools for candida. An easy home test to do is whenever you first wake up in the morning, the very first thing you do is spit the spit in your mouth(not flegm) into a glass of water. Watch it for a while. If your spit begins to linger down with small leg like strands you probably have candida. Candida causes such a wide variety of things and is often misdiagnosed as IBS. I call IBS BS because thats what the doctors tell you you have when they have no clue whats wrong with you.