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I have a very personal problem. I am 18+ yrs. , 64kg weight and 6 ft. height. My problem is I couldn't get hard erections so I can't penetrate my penis to my girlfriend's vagina. As soon as I try to insert, it becomes soft. I have tried 3-4 times but none of the time i got success. It is really very embarrassing thing. I am masturbating since 3yrs. and at a rate of 1 to 2 times per two weeks average and I get hard erections during that but at the time of sex as soon as I put condom and try to insert my penis to her vagina, it gets softer and I can't insert it. It is really disappointing for both of us. I want to know the reason for this and a solution to get hard erections so that I can have sex. Please suggest me any homemade remedy or something like that. I really need help. Thank you in advance.


Hi Digi,

Anxiety is the likely reason.

Are your nervous about something?  Not being able to perform as well as you'd like?  Pregnancy?  All of these will kill an erection.

Stop focusing on yourself.  If you get soft go to work on her and just let your body go along for the ride.  You'll eventually get hard and should be able to penetrate.

Don't focus on the issue either or you can make it worse.

Good luck.