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I'm a 26 yr old female. I've smoked for the last 8 years and am trying to quit because ive been having so many health problems lately. I also have been pregnant before. I'm a nursing student and i know mybody very well and i know somethings wrong. My hairs been falling out for 5 months, like a lot i have a handful everytime i take a shower and theres always hairs on my pillow and in my drivers seat of my car. everytime i touch my hair i feel loose piece of hair.. and i have sharp pains in my chest that the doctors dont seem to think is an issue, my pulse has been 115-120 everytime i check it lately and it hurts to take deep breaths. I also have just in the last two days have had problems with my legs below the knee they keep fallin asleep and i dont even put pressure on them. my toes havebeen going numb i have to rub them to get back the sensation. i have nights sweats and overall muscle weakness.I've had unexplained fever in the last several months but i know thats due to c-diff. Ive had this pain in between my shoulder blades that goes up into my neck. my glands in my neck are extremely swollen and have been for two weeks. my doc did a few tests i tested positive for c-diff due to the amoxycillin i took 6 months ago for an ear infection. i had horrible diarrhea almost instantly when taking it and had the doc put me on a different antibiotic but that was a month later im looking at the bottles now and that was neglect on my part. so ive had c-diff for six months and am just now getting treatment. ive asked several times several different docs about my hair falling out and they dont have answers to that im apparently not anemic or have any thyroid issues my TSH count on a blood test was 1.4 and the normal range was 0.4-4.7 the test results on my blood test were all within normal range except my MCHC was 31.4, Abs neuts was 1.28, Neuts was 31.6, and lymps was 55%. Should i worry about this? and does anyone please please please have any thoughts on my hair loss? im gonna be bald soon! i cant wear my hair down anymore cuz you can see my scalp. Thats a lot of hair considering Im half arab and have always had extremely thick hair. Thank you for your time


I'm no expert and not a doctor, but it is asking your GP to test you for B12 deficiency and thyroid function.  Both of those disorders can cause some of the symptoms you describe.   I lost all my hair once due to stress.  It grew back but I am always prone to bald patches - which is not nice, especially when you're female.   Good luck!