wish i never had this but its a killer..i get what it LOOKS and is circle bald spots on my face and neck.. thick black course hairs when touched surrounding hairs move, grow before your eyes , clinch together and wen TRYING to seperate EM they quickly go back to the same position but sit lower to my face... long thin white hairs in my nose grow rapidly fast nd where my hair grows in the usual spot where most men get hair simontaneously seems to grow in just hours super long and when TRYING to tweazer them out it is difficult and when u do get it another one kespa coming out the same pour....eyelashes are much lighter in color and r real long....lil blonde hairs on forrehead...now im growin EM on my years.. long hard black hairs on mOLes which just started and lil hard to see hairs on freckles....basically the hairs grow so frikkin fast.. if i rest my elbows on my thighs testing r doing WATEVER on the fone i get all these ingrow hairs where my arms been at.. crazy.. im scared of what i might have... skin irritates constantly and has a crawling feeling.. i can literally feel my hairs move....worst thing is i only grow think hard white hairs that stand st8 up on my scrotum and when TRYING to pluck it... if u DNT get it it see ms to go deeper in and my sack not just THAT hair but several of them......i always had minimum hair on my body.. now theres little to thin to thick either white, red, or think black hairs in WEIRD places WHER hair usually dont grow==everytime i smoke my nose feels funny, top lip and chin.....and blonde hairs grow in seconds what i assume where ever the smoke touches my skin when exhaling out .....ANYONE KNOWS WHAT THIS MAY Be ... need answers asap....i always thought it was morgellons cause years ago i had sneazed and when i opened my eyes it was as if someone had thrown cotton and lent in my face... i pray it is from mal nutrition and just some type of infection i could get rid of!!!