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My girlfriend has been on the shot since mid july of this year. she got the shot in the middle of her period. since then she had a week of bleeding but it was very little and she really couldnt use a tampon. her doctor said it was probably from the shot. I read in the information about the shot that she will eventually stop ovulating. I was wondering how long it normally take to stop ovulating. Just recently i let go inside her when we were having sex. I dont think there is a chance she could get pregnant but im just trying to keep myself out of that situation.

so basically im asking that at almost a whole month into her having the shot is it safe for me to let go inside her?


Yea, you are fine... my doctor told me to wait 7 days or so.. some have been told 3 days... but she is fine and so are you.

If you are unsure, make an annon. call to either a planned parenthood or to a doctor/clinic and ask that same question.

SO you now have a green light to go au' natural as much as your heart's desire with no risk.

Just make sure she reads up on the side-effects and pays attention to how she feels, as far as body wise and emotionally. Many of us have since gone off of it because many many of us experienced terrible side effects. There are some threads here on steadyhealth.. just search for depo shot or birth control shot.. any combo of the words should bring it all up.

Good Luck!